Health Care Compliance

The importance of evaluating and ensuring compliance with the wide array of health care laws and rules effecting the health care industry cannot be understated.  With sanctions for non-compliance ranging from fines, to revocation, to exclusion, to incarceration, an ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure.  Unfortunately, the number and complexity of the laws and rules affecting the health care industry can make it quite difficult for practitioners and health care entities to both understand and keep abreast of all the requirements.  That is where competent health care regulatory counsel comes into play.

The attorneys at Nicholson & Eastin, LLP concentrate their practice on representing and advising the health care industry.  As part of our practice, we advise clients on a wide range of health care regulatory matters under both state and federal law.  Whether our client is a physician, pharmacist, nurse, pharmaceutical or medical device manufacture, or other health care entity, we strive to provide timely, efficient and competent advice to our clients.  If you have a compliance question, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are truly here to help.

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